Chris and Jon discuss the Apple Pencil, design trade-offs, and building things to last.

Ink of Choice

Episode 11

A friend gives Jon a fountain pen and some ink, Chris distills what makes for a great writing experience.

Podium Pieces

Episode 10

From $350 to $350,000, reflecting back on the first horologically focused trade show of 2018, Chris and Jon chat about the science and artistry of watchmaking.

Finite Resources

Episode 9

What to do when you don’t have infinite time. Jon and Chris talk about choosing projects worth pursuing, saying no, and what’s in store for year ahead.

Chris is planning to make a watch. He and Jon talk movements, makers, and the calibers others have built off of.

Mixed Metals

Episode 7

Jon and Chris explore the world of mixed metals and the often wood-like grain patterns these materials exhibit.

Chris and Jon sit down to talk about some of the tools, gadgets, and accessories they find particularly handy to have around the shop, then round things out with some entertaining reading recommendations for the holidays.

Beyond Top Notch

Episode 5

First impressions of the iPhone X. Chris flies an ultralight over New Mexico and shares some tales from his travels. He and Jon discuss the iPhone X they each acquired and the potential future the device hints at.

What exactly is a watchmaker? Chris poisons himself and Jon ponders a career as a whitesmith, before the two dive into a discussion about watchmaking schools. Oh, and they both encounter a dragon roaming the streets.

Silversmith, Chris Manning, and watchmaker, Jon Edwards, discuss the ancient art of lost wax casting and its application in Chris’ work making pens today.

Silversmith, Chris Manning, and watchmaker, Jon Edwards, delve into Jon’s backstory, his path to becoming a watchmaker and how he came to develop apps for iOS.

Silversmith, Chris Manning, and watchmaker, Jon Edwards, reflect on how they first met, then dive into Chris’ backstory and how he came to make the highly valued pens he creates.