Jon and Chris discuss follow up books to read, tricks for beating the Vatican hoards, letter press documentaries, and canes that aren’t quite what they appear to be.

The Perfectionists A new book by Simon Winchester we discussed last episode, which traces the impact that ever increasing levels of accuracy have had on our world

Michelangelo and the Pope’s Ceiling A book by Ross King

Brunelleschi’s Dome
Another book by Ross King about a literal Renaissance Man who reinvented architecture

Sistine Chapel

Taj Mahal

Michelangelo’s David The original David, sculpted by Michelangelo, located in the Accademia Gallery of Florence

The Uffizi Gallery

Pressing On Film A documentary about letterpress printing in the modern age

Linotype Film A more thorough & informative film on the subject of letterpress

Making Faces Film A documentary about fellow Canadian Jim Rimmer’s quest to release a new type design both digitally & in the metal at the same time

Walbaum Font Family A typeface first created by Justus Walbaum, circa 1800, remastered for the digital age and released in 2018 by Charles Nix, Carl Crossgrove, Juan Villanueva, and Lynne Yun,

Canes A selection of unusual & rare antique canes

Faberge Cigarette Case An example of a Faberge cigarette case, from the British Royal Collection

Watchmaker’s Swiss Army Knife A video demonstration of the (now discontinued) Minathor 50 Swiss Army Knife for watchmakers

Rams Documentary A soon to be released documentary about the legendary industrial designer, Dieter Rams

Rams Interview The panel discussion with Dieter Rams that Jon referred to

Rams’ Cane A photo of Dieter Rams with his cane

Watch Cane French jewelled gold watch cane

Patek Desk Clock An example of a ornamental desk clock produced by Patek Philippe

Ornamental Turning An introduction to ornamental turning from the Society of Ornamental Turners

Medici Ivories

The Lord Chancellor

Episode 23

Precision, accuracy, and a smattering of etymology. Chris and Jon discuss Simon Winchester’s latest book, The Perfectionists.

The Perfectionists A new book that traces the impact that ever increasing levels of accuracy have had on our world, from the industrial revolution, through to the digital age

Ned Ludd An English weaver, from whom the term “luddite” was derived

Bokeh The blur that occurs when an object within a photograph does not fall inside the bounds of the lens’s depth of field

Leica The camera division of Germany’s Leica Microsystems

The Essentials of Precision Timekeeping A talk delivered by Jack Forster at the Horological Society of New York in early 2018

Bullseye Diagram A visual depiction of the distinction between accuracy & precision, from Winchester’s The Perfectionists, where A is accurate, B is precise, C is neither, & D
is moderately precise & accurate

History of the Steam Engine A brief history of steam power during the Industrial Revolution

Watt Engine Friend of the show, Rich Loen, standing in front of a Watt Steam Engine

John Wilkinson An industrialist who helped James Watt refine the Watt Steam Engine

Henry Maudslay An incredibly talented machinist, whose work helped usher in the age of industrialization

Joseph Bramah A renowned locksmith & inventor

Off Hours Episode 21 The episode on multi lead threading, where we first mentioned Bramah & Maudslay

The Lord Chancellor A micrometer that was one of, if not the most, precise measuring instrument of Maudslay’s era, crafted by Maudslay himself

Cromwell Lathe A style of lathe that Chris has in his shop, which was favoured by Rolls-Royce in the mid 20th century

Rolls-Royce Casting A look at how lost wax casting continues to be used today in the manufacturing of Rolls-Royce turbine engines

Off Hours Episode 3 An early episode in which we delved into the subject of lost wax casting

Additive Manufacturing TheWatches TV takes a look at the potential promise additive manufacturing holds, while not shying away from the ways it still falls short of the accuracy needed for crafting timepieces

Rolls-Royce Swarm Bots Rolls-Royce is investing in tiny, collaborative swarm robots to help provide quality assurance & routine maintenance of its jet turbines, without needing to take them completely apart

Qantas Flight 32 An airline crash, detailed in The Perfectionists that was found to be due to error in how accurately a particular hole had been drilled

Grand Seiko Official website of the Shizuku-Ishi studio in Japan, where Grand Seiko timepieces are assembled

The Memory Thief

Episode 22

Jon and Chris talk about buying art, stone carving, and managing notifications without a wearable.

Adam Young – A Canadian artist that Jon & his wife recently acquired a painting from

Steven Strang – Local artist & friend of the show whose work Chris has been a longstanding patron of

‘The Memory Thief’ – Chris’ most recent acquisition from Steven Strang

Printrbot Ceases Operations – We spoke a little about Printrbot back in Episode 15, they recently & suddenly shut down

Monoprice Select Mini – The 3D printer Jon picked up to replace his Printrbot Play

Dufour’s Watch Cases – Philippe Dufour fits the movements for the cases of his timepieces to within 0.01mm of precision

Canadian Stone Carving Festival – An annual festival held on Sparks Street in Canada’s Capital

Phil White – The Dominion Sculptor of Canada

Stone Carving Course – A stone carving course offered by Smith & Barber in Ottawa

Cortex – Myke recently switched out his Apple Watch for a Nomos

Metro Date Power Reserve – The Nomos that Myke picked up

BBC Panorama – BBC’s Hilary Andersson investigates the ‘dark side’ of smartphones—including the physiological effects that notification alerts have on us

Custom Vibration Alerts – How to create & customize vibration alerts on your iPhone

Turns out there’s more than one way to thread a screw. Chris talks to Jon about the upsides and challenges of crafting multi lead threads for his pens, and why you should use metric—not imperial—measures.

Jessica Edwards The Producer of the documentary film, Design Canada & founder of Film First Co.

Timely Tees Jon recently released a co-axial version of the Escape Tee

Multi Lead Threading One of Chris’ most popular blog posts

The Machinery’s Handbook A quintessential reference in any machine shop

The Sheaffer Snorkel A stupendously over-engineered fountain pen design

Fischer Space Pen A pen engineered for use in zero gravity

David Oscarson Pens

Dykem Layout Fluid A surface masking solution that makes it easier to see where the tool you’re using has come into contact with the material you are working on

Taig Lathe One of the first lathes in Chris’ n+1 collection of lathes

The Perfectionists A book, by Simon Winchester, that details the history of precision manufacturing

Archimedes Screw

Logan Lathe The lathe Chris upgraded to from the Taig

Higbee Thread

Breech Thread

Follower Thread Cutting A video demonstrating how threads are cut using a follow rest

Hello internet A podcast hosted by CGP Grey & Brady Haran

Demise of the Kilogram A video produced by Hello Internet co-star, Brady Haran, that explores how the way we define various units of measurement is changing

Veritasium Derek Muller goes hands-on with the world’s roundest object, a sphere of silicon used as the definitive standard of a kilogram

Veritasium Redux A follow up to the previous video, Derek Muller ventures deep into the National Institute of Standards & Technology to discover how science is redefining the kilogram & rendering that perfect sphere of silicon effectively obsolete

Design Canada

Episode 20

It was Canada Day this past weekend. This may get a little patriotic. Sorry.

A Digital Loupe

Episode 19

Jon and Chris chat a little more about the Santa Fe speakers’ trip, the closure of OSU’s watchmaking program, and the potential upsides of augmenting reality.

Fringe Element

Episode 18

Chris just returned home from the Santa Fe Symposium where he delivered a talk on modern niello. He and Jon talk about this year’s talks and some of the things Chris got up to while in New Mexico.

Chris recently returned from Makers Central in the United Kingdom. He and Jon chat about what he got up to there—and elsewhere—with friend of the show, Rich Loen.

3D Printing

Episode 15

Chris shares a bit about the first 3D printed prototype for the watch he is creating, the printer he bought and why, mixed with some discussion about other additive manufacturing technologies.

Baselworld 2018

Episode 14

Jon and Chris reflect back on some of the new timepieces released at Baselworld 2018, with a few old gems thrown in for good measure.

Cloisonné Enamel

Episode 13

Jon introduces Chris to an unusual, Japanese eraser. Chris recounts the incredible work of a cloisonné enamelist he came across on a trip to Japan last spring and discusses his own processes as an enamel artist at Silverhand Studios.