Chris and Jon are joined by Rich Loen to discuss Gary Hustwit’s latest design documentary, Rams.

  • [bʁaʊn] How to pronounce “Braun”
  • [nee-kawn] The official pronunciation of “Nikon” in English, as per the company’s 90th anniversary promotional spot
  • A genie whispered “Rolex” Hans Wilsdorf and the legend that birthed the Rolex name

Jon’s got a movie credit, Chris is moving clutter, and Omega’s cluttering up the SIHH signal.

  • Design Canada The documentary Design Canada is now out
  • Off Hours Episode 20 We first talked about Design Canada back in Episode 20
  • Off Hours Episode 21 Correction to some follow-up in Episode 21, at the time we said that Jon had no connection to Design Canada, a bit has changed since then & he now has a credit in the film for some post-production work (full disclosure: neither Jon or Chris are receiving any money or other tangible compensation for sales of Design Canada)
  • The Original Omega In addition to re-releasing Omega caliber 321, Omega announced shortly after SIHH that they will also be re-introducing their namesake, 19 ligne pocket watch caliber this year in limited production, alongside a manually wound Omega De Ville 125th Anniversary Edition
  • Omega Seamaster 300 A fresh take on the Seamaster in black ceramic and titanium
  • ETA 6497
  • Vitsœ 606 A universal shelving system designed by Dieter Rams
  • TIG Welder
  • MIG Welder
  • Tungsten Electrodes Chris is going to need a few of these
  • Julie Lake Instagram feed of artist, welder, & jeweler, Julie Lake
  • MESA Safe A solidly constructed steel safe with a combination lock
  • Digital Safe An entry-level safe with digital lock
  • Analog to Digital Lock Conversion Kit
  • Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!
  • Cricut Maker A machine Jon finds handy for automating tedious cutting tasks in a variety of flat materials
  • Silhouette Cameo Another vector cutting machine, similar to the Cricut
  • Knew Concepts Saw Chris cut the aperture for the moonphase display on his watch out by hand using his trusty jewellers’ saw
Dial Mock-up
A mock-up of the dial Chris is making for his moonphase watch

SIHH 2019

Episode 35

Chris and Jon discuss a resurrected watch caliber, the watches of SIHH, and a secret way to displace metal.

Chris and Jon look back on 2018 and set course for the year ahead.

No Tree is the Same

Episode 33

Jon‘s brother Josh joins us to discuss his career as a fine wood worker.

Jon and Chris follow a thread that weaves horology, magic, and movies together.

Inherently Honest

Episode 31

Chris and Jon talk about the late Ricky Jay, sleight of hand, and graveyards full of secrets.

Hazy Blue Halo

Episode 30

Le Grande K is out of a job. Chris has lathe problems, Jon has lens problems, and the iPad Pro still has a pro app problem.

This episode of Off Hours was made possible in part
thanks to the Santa Fe Symposium

Learn more at

  • CanUX A conference Jon attended between the recording of last episode & this episode
  • Raven Telemetry Creators of Raven Sense, a system to improve the uptime of automated machinery
  • Kevin Deveey One of the key designers behind Raven Sense & a speaker at CanUX 2018
  • Richard Mille RMS 05 Fountain Pen A $105,000 mechanical fountain pen
  • Kari Voutilainen A great interview with independent watchmaker, Kari Voutilainen
An employee at Voutilainen's dial manufacture, Comblémine, working on what appears to be a Neuweiler Straight Line Engine
An employee at Voutilainen’s dial manufacture, Comblémine, working on what appears to be a Neuweiler Straight Line Engine, photo by Xavier Markl via Monochrome

While Chris was away traveling the world, Jon got a tour behind the scenes at Veritas, a tool making company based in Canada’s Capital. From the first all metal lathe ever made to building CNC machines at home, this episode is all about tools.

This episode of Off Hours was made possible in part
thanks to the Santa Fe Symposium

Learn more at

Backpacks—an unsolvable problem. Chris has an unexpected run-in with some surrealist art, followed by a discussion of dealing with the realities of travel.

Smoking Bellows

Episode 27

Chris has just returned from a conference on ornamental turning. He and Jon discuss the difference between ornamental turning and engine turning, along with some of the other things Chris got up to while out on the West Coast.

Examples of some ornamentally turned boxes Chris has acquired over the years
Example of some self-lubricating, wooden bushings made from lignum vitae, by American clockmaker, Rick Hale
A cup by Brian Jackson, turned on an ornamental lathe in lignum vitae
A fused, dual-metal bracelet, 3D printed by Cooksongold
  • Fringe Element Chris described the fused metal bracelet created by Cooksongold in greater detail back in Episode 18
  • Mixed Metals Jon & Chris discussed Bob Kramer’s use of Damascus steel in Episode 7 of Off Hours
  • Chris Ploof Friend of the show, Chris Ploof, specializes in working with Damascus
  • James Binnion Friend of the show, Jim Binnion, specializes in mokume-gane
  • Bob Kramer Maker of fine knives, hand crafted from Damascus steel
  • LMT Patterned Metals Producers of Damascus and mokume-gane, operated by Chris Ploof & James Binnion
  • Brittany Nicole Cox Official website of antiquarian horologist, Brittany Nicole Cox
  • Smoking Bellows in Automata Brittany Nicole Cox’s talk for the Horological Society of New York, on horological conservation & materials for bellows in smoking automata
  • Conservation vs. Restoration An overview of conservation versus restoration
  • Ted Crom Books Chris picked up a copy of Crom’s Horological and Other Shop Tools while in Seattle
  • Speake-Marin on WatchesTV A look at a collection of antique watchmakers’ tools with Peter Speake-Marin
  • Watchmakers The Masters of Art Horology Another book Chris picked up recently that catalogues the work of modern independent watchmakers
  • 12 Faces of Time Similar subject matter to the Masters of Art Horology, 12 Faces of Time details the lives and works of a dozen of the foremost independent watchmakers of our era
  • CNC presentation Chris will be giving a presentation on October 23rd alongside friend of the show, Rich Loen, outlining everything you need to know to build your own CNC machine

Chris is back from the British Horological Institute, where he spent a week working on watch movements. He and Jon chat about his time in the UK, the unique things he saw, and the incredible people he met along the way.

  • BHI Short Courses Short watch & clock making courses offered by the British Horological Institute
  • John Murphy Official website of John Murphy (FBHI, Cert. Ed., WOSTEP) who trained Chris at the British Horological Institute
  • ETA 6497
  • ETA 2824
  • Incabloc A cross-section of Incabloc’s anti-shock system, designed to protect delicate pivots in mechanical watches
Capillary action at work, lubricating the Incabloc system in a mechanical watch
A cap jewel being drawn up into an Incabloc chaton via capillary action
  • Hamilton 992
  • Upton Village The small, English village that Chris called home for much of the time between this episode & last
  • Upton Hall Headquarters of the British Horological Institute
  • Museum of Timekeeping The BHI museum at Upton Hall
  • Santa Fe Symposium An annual conference for professionals in jewellery & related industries
  • Museum of the jewellery quarter A perfectly preserved workshop in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.
  • Birmingham, UK
  • Frank Cooper Senior lecturer at Birmingham City University’s School of Jewellery
  • David Fletcher A brief introduction to 3D printing in precious metal, from David Fletcher of Cooksongold
  • Cooksongold A pioneer in additive manufacturing & one of the UK’s leading suppliers to the jewellery trade
  • Rio Grande Akin to Cooksongold, Rio Grande is of the USA’s leading suppliers to the jewellery trade
  • 3D Printed Watch Case Michiel Holthinrichs’ watch cases for the Ornament 1 are 3D printed by Cooksongold

An example of a 3D printed watch case

  • Struthers London Struthers London began making timepieces from antique, English made calibers, before branching off into creating their in-house Project 248 caliber
  • Deakin & Francis Located in the same building as the Struthers, this high end cufflink maker is England’s oldest family jeweller
  • Yard-O-Led One of the Struthers’ newest neighbors is high end penmaker, Yard-O-Led, who we spoke about back in Episode 1 of Off Hours
  • British Museum
  • Bonhams Clock Exhibit A historic clock exhibit, entitled Innovation & Collaboration, hosted by Bonhams in London
German / Gothic Chamber Clock
The oldest running clock that Chris has ever seen, from the ‘Innovation & Collaboration’ exhibit at Bonhams in 2018

  • Omega 2211 An Omega caliber based on the ETA 6498, with alternative bridge layout
  • Sea-Gull ST36 An Asian take on the ETA 6498, with yet another variation on the bridge layout