A Box of Bandaids

Episode 25

Chris’ first watch is taking shape. He and Jon chat through some of the process so far and where things may go from here.

  • Voutilainen 217QRS THG A limited edition, gold dialed version of Kari Voutilainen’s 217QRS Retrograde Date, for the Hour Glass in Singapore
  • Peter Gilroy A jeweller specializing in the use of niobium, titanium, & gold, whose work is inspired by the great outdoors
  • Spot Anodizing How to spot anodize niobium & titanium
  • Zirconium Decay ⁹⁵Niobium is the decay product of ⁹⁵Zirconium
  • Spontaneous Combustion Zirconium is considered a pyrophoric metal, making it susceptible to spontaneous combustion