I Keep Buying Lathes

Episode 21

Turns out there’s more than one way to thread a screw. Chris talks to Jon about the upsides and challenges of crafting multi lead threads for his pens, and why you should use metric—not imperial—measures.

Jessica Edwards The Producer of the documentary film, Design Canada & founder of Film First Co.

Timely Tees Jon recently released a co-axial version of the Escape Tee

Multi Lead Threading One of Chris’ most popular blog posts

The Machinery’s Handbook A quintessential reference in any machine shop

The Sheaffer Snorkel A stupendously over-engineered fountain pen design

Fischer Space Pen A pen engineered for use in zero gravity

David Oscarson Pens

Dykem Layout Fluid A surface masking solution that makes it easier to see where the tool you’re using has come into contact with the material you are working on

Taig Lathe One of the first lathes in Chris’ n+1 collection of lathes

The Perfectionists A book, by Simon Winchester, that details the history of precision manufacturing

Archimedes Screw

Logan Lathe The lathe Chris upgraded to from the Taig

Higbee Thread

Breech Thread

Follower Thread Cutting A video demonstrating how threads are cut using a follow rest

Hello internet A podcast hosted by CGP Grey & Brady Haran

Demise of the Kilogram A video produced by Hello Internet co-star, Brady Haran, that explores how the way we define various units of measurement is changing

Veritasium Derek Muller goes hands-on with the world’s roundest object, a sphere of silicon used as the definitive standard of a kilogram

Veritasium Redux A follow up to the previous video, Derek Muller ventures deep into the National Institute of Standards & Technology to discover how science is redefining the kilogram & rendering that perfect sphere of silicon effectively obsolete