The Memory Thief

Episode 22

Jon and Chris talk about buying art, stone carving, and managing notifications without a wearable.

Adam Young – A Canadian artist that Jon & his wife recently acquired a painting from

Steven Strang – Local artist & friend of the show whose work Chris has been a longstanding patron of

‘The Memory Thief’ – Chris’ most recent acquisition from Steven Strang

Printrbot Ceases Operations – We spoke a little about Printrbot back in Episode 15, they recently & suddenly shut down

Monoprice Select Mini – The 3D printer Jon picked up to replace his Printrbot Play

Dufour’s Watch Cases – Philippe Dufour fits the movements for the cases of his timepieces to within 0.01mm of precision

Canadian Stone Carving Festival – An annual festival held on Sparks Street in Canada’s Capital

Phil White – The Dominion Sculptor of Canada

Stone Carving Course – A stone carving course offered by Smith & Barber in Ottawa

Cortex – Myke recently switched out his Apple Watch for a Nomos

Metro Date Power Reserve – The Nomos that Myke picked up

BBC Panorama – BBC’s Hilary Andersson investigates the ‘dark side’ of smartphones—including the physiological effects that notification alerts have on us

Custom Vibration Alerts – How to create & customize vibration alerts on your iPhone