The Lord Chancellor

Episode 23

Precision, accuracy, and a smattering of etymology. Chris and Jon discuss Simon Winchester’s latest book, The Perfectionists.

The Perfectionists A new book that traces the impact that ever increasing levels of accuracy have had on our world, from the industrial revolution, through to the digital age

Ned Ludd An English weaver, from whom the term “luddite” was derived

Bokeh The blur that occurs when an object within a photograph does not fall inside the bounds of the lens’s depth of field

Leica The camera division of Germany’s Leica Microsystems

The Essentials of Precision Timekeeping A talk delivered by Jack Forster at the Horological Society of New York in early 2018

Bullseye Diagram A visual depiction of the distinction between accuracy & precision, from Winchester’s The Perfectionists, where A is accurate, B is precise, C is neither, & D
is moderately precise & accurate

History of the Steam Engine A brief history of steam power during the Industrial Revolution

Watt Engine Friend of the show, Rich Loen, standing in front of a Watt Steam Engine

John Wilkinson An industrialist who helped James Watt refine the Watt Steam Engine

Henry Maudslay An incredibly talented machinist, whose work helped usher in the age of industrialization

Joseph Bramah A renowned locksmith & inventor

Off Hours Episode 21 The episode on multi lead threading, where we first mentioned Bramah & Maudslay

The Lord Chancellor A micrometer that was one of, if not the most, precise measuring instrument of Maudslay’s era, crafted by Maudslay himself

Cromwell Lathe A style of lathe that Chris has in his shop, which was favoured by Rolls-Royce in the mid 20th century

Rolls-Royce Casting A look at how lost wax casting continues to be used today in the manufacturing of Rolls-Royce turbine engines

Off Hours Episode 3 An early episode in which we delved into the subject of lost wax casting

Additive Manufacturing TheWatches TV takes a look at the potential promise additive manufacturing holds, while not shying away from the ways it still falls short of the accuracy needed for crafting timepieces

Rolls-Royce Swarm Bots Rolls-Royce is investing in tiny, collaborative swarm robots to help provide quality assurance & routine maintenance of its jet turbines, without needing to take them completely apart

Qantas Flight 32 An airline crash, detailed in The Perfectionists that was found to be due to error in how accurately a particular hole had been drilled

Grand Seiko Official website of the Shizuku-Ishi studio in Japan, where Grand Seiko timepieces are assembled