Chris and Jon discuss Christian Lass’ online Masterclass, Dr Rebecca Struthers’ talk on Fakes and Forgeries, and how Chris uses reference books for inspiration.

Chris and Jon discuss the current reality of holding major conferences virtually, as well as the challenges and importance of sharing knowledge.

Jon and Chris chat about their appearance on Time 4A Pint, along with some follow out from that show.

Chris and Jon discuss new 3D printers, becoming more opinionated in design choices, and virtual pints.

Jon and Chris discuss more outrageous gear ratios and other objects of wonder.

Chris and Jon discuss the possible death of Baselworld, the birth of virtual get togethers, marketing in 2020, and laser experiments.

My Little Bubble

Episode 62

While still in lockdown Chris is able to get his straight line engine assembled and shoot some video. He and Jon discuss the new iPad and its utility for design, as well as a few resources for making your own masks.

Artist Hermit

Episode 61

Jon is housebound. Chris is bubble hopping. As a pandemic sweeps the globe—bringing laser prices down along with it—they discuss two very different globe-like complications.

Force Multipliers

Episode 60

Chris has returned from WorkbenchCon with a new fidget spinner and knowledge of plasma and saws. Jon and Chris discuss the updates to the new studio as well as a few watches at opposite ends of the manufacturing spectrum.

Jon and Chris discuss the new Speedmaster with the 321, Seth Kennedy and engine turning, making watch crowns, a quick shop update, and more.

It is yearly theme time again. Chris and Jon discuss how successful 2019’s themes were, what their 2020 themes are, and an update on Chris’ shop move.

Absolutely Palatial

Episode 57

Chris and Jon discuss a number of articles and videos covering Kari Voutilainen’s shop and watchmaking, Dean DK’s excellent YouTube channel and his shop visits while in Switzerland, as well as the new home of Silver Hand Studios.

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